How To Beat Online Pokie Slots – Top 6 Tips

Unlike the table and card games found in the “palaces of fortune”, it is impossible to get real skills to play online slots and there are of course no systems that can be used to guarantee success – whoever says the opposite is just trying to you. cheat! Pokie Slots are solely based on chance.

There are, however, certain rules that you must follow in any type of gambling, but especially when playing slot machines.

  1. Choose the right games.

One of the elements that slot players sometimes use is known as the “variance” of the game. In simple terms, variance describes how often and how much a particular game pays out.

The frequency and size of the winnings can vary greatly, and there are an infinite number of combinations, but for simplicity, we can describe each slot machine as low, medium, and high variance.

The low variance slot will pay every few spins, but the winnings will be small.

The medium variance slot will give you a decent amount of small wins, but it will also offer big wins.

A slot with high variance can reward a life-changing victory, but the payouts will be much less frequent.

The choice of a slot depends entirely on your playing style. Are you a patient with a large bankroll who are happy to invest, expecting big winnings, or do you need the confidence of small, frequent wins, the assurance that you will never lose a large amount?

Many players don’t take into account what slots have to offer without understanding how variance affects gameplay.

  1. Take advantage of bonuses.

Pokie Slots are one of the games where casinos are very generous when it comes to their bonuses. Poor old roulette players have to pull their hair out to find any casinos willing to give them a bonus, and even then the wagering requirement is astronomical. It’s all wrong with slot players. Every casino is ready to provide slot bonuses that are characterized by high highs and low wagering requirements.

Anyone looking to play slot machines should accept these bonus offers – not just one or two, but everyone you can get hold of! Not because you are greedy, but because the casinos know that the probability of hitting you with a big win is small enough for them not to take such a risk. But someone has to win.

  1. Set a plan for yourself and stick to it.

Before each session begins, you must decide how long you want to play, how much you can afford to lose, and at what point you have won enough to end the session. Once you’ve decided this, you can think about how much you should bet on each spin.

When things are going smoothly, it is fairly easy to stick to your plan. Things get trickier when you start winning or losing a lot …

  1. Don’t play back your losses.

There are several “golden rules” for a successful gambling business.

One of them is: Don’t put your money down the drain.

The temptation to win back losses is very strong – some call it gambling fever. Stick to your plan when you fail, although it takes discipline. The always quiet voice at the back of the head says “just another spin.” And this quiet voice may well speak correctly. But more often than not, the next spin will not win. It takes discipline to get out at this point.

  1. Do not gamble on your winnings.

The second “Golden Rule” is simple: leave the game while you win.

If you win the first spin, the temptation is very strong to play again, thinking that you must win again. But gambling to win is exactly what he wants.

Every casino game, including slots, has an amount of money that the casino expects to win in the long run. There is no way to avoid the fact that the casino always wins in the long run, and if you play long enough the odds will always catch up with you.

Part of your plan should have a win limit. To be an absolute winner means to have discipline!

  1. Only bet the maximum if you need it.

Many pokie slot experts say that you should always play as many coins as possible, as this gives you the best chance of winning. Michael Shackleford, in his excellent book Gambling 102, explains that you are better off playing with the highest denomination coin you can afford.

The only exception is when the game goes to Progressive Jackpots, where the Jackpot is only available to players at the maximum. In this case, you should always press the BET MAX button – imagine spinning with a winning combination, but not a million dollars in payouts just because you were trying to save a few coins!

And remember – this means it will be fun!

Gambling is meant to enjoy your free time. This applies especially to the game of slots. While winning the jackpot can change people’s lives, you should focus on the experience of enjoying the game. By the way, you can also play free slots offered by the Champion club online .

If your only goal is to win big, you will miss out on the fun of all these sessions. Instead of seeing sessions without big wins as failures, you need to see them as opportunities to keep playing and queuing up for a possible jackpot!

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