How to win pokies Australia: a brief guide for players

How to win pokies Australia and make good money?

How to win pokies Australia

Gambling is incredibly popular among Aussies even with all the legal restrictions that prohibit companies to operate casinos on the country’s territory. Australian players still play casino pokies online games – definitely their favorite game type. This guide will tell you how to win pokies in online casino Australia legal real money and explain what slot machines are the best to get big money prize.

How to win on pokies in Australia: tips to choose the game

Pokies are numerous, very numerous. There are hundreds and even thousands of games from various developers available in web casinos. To pick the best one you should follow these tips:

  1. Choose game with high RTP. The minimum level to consider is 95% — 96%. If the Return to Player ratio is lover, you don’t have many chances to win something even with high payouts.
  2. Search for the slots that offer special features, Wild and Scatter symbols, bonuses and a risk round.
  3. Another good method how to win online pokies in Australia is to find a game with a huge jackpot and win a big prize online. The reward can be even 1 million dollars and more.
  4. Play slots with valuable symbols that can deliver you prizes at least x1000 to your initial bet.

One more efficient way how to win pokies in Australia is to use max bet when it’s possible. The more you wager, the bigger your prizes can be, cause the winning ratio is multiplied by the amount of money you’ve bet.

Except the prizes they can offer, pokies also have to be fun to play. They should offer interesting symbols, smooth animation and engaging gameplay. Depending on the features they have, slots are usually divided into such groups:

  • video slots;
  • classic reels;
  • fruity slots;
  • jackpot slots.

Moreover, pokies may have different number of reels. Usually there are 5 of them to spin in video slots and 3 in classic reels. At the same time, some games have 7 reels or even 2 sections with 5 reels each.

How to win pokies Australia

How to get more credits for bets?

If you play for real money, you can significantly increase your account balance by using casino bonuses. This method how to win on pokie machines Austarlia presumes you’ll get additional funds and use them for bets instead of your own ones.

There are two bonuses that can deliver extra credits. The first one is a deposit match bonus. It can increase your initial bankroll up to 400%. The second reward is no deposit bonus. To get the prize you don’t even need to top up your balance. Just register in the casino. Note that all the bonus funds have to be wagered according to the casino bonus policy.

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