Unlocking a low carbon gas future

Future Billing Methodology is a Gas Network Innovation Competition project to explore future billing options for the gas industry. This project will help unlock the full potential of the gas network to distribute unconventional gases, helping customers move to a low carbon energy future.

Ofgem approval for project to go ahead to Phase 2.

About the Future Billing Methodology project

Great Britain (GB) is preparing for a future where a range of sources provide us with low carbon energy. With 83% of GB homes currently heated by gas, natural gas alternatives can help customers move to low carbon energy in a least cost, convenient way. The energy market needs to be ready to support this transition. A key component of this is looking at how gas is billed.

The current billing framework was designed for North Sea gas and can be a barrier for alternative sources of gas, particularly low carbon gases. This is because currently alternative gases must be pre-processed to meet current billing standards. This is costly and can add fossil based carbon back in to the process. This project aims to remove the need for this pre-processing, unlocking the full potential for low carbon gases on the gas network. Collaborative working with colleagues from across the gas industry will allow us to explore different options for billing and recommend the best solution for customers.

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The first Project Progress Report covering Phase 1 is now available. Click here to access the report. This...

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